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At Cali Ghost Productions Recording Studio Vancouver, we use a RODE nT-1 condenser microphone and a Scarlett FocusRite 3rd GEN audio interface to record your vocals. We monitor your creations on YAMAHA Hs5’s and a pair of Audio Technica studio headphones. Hop in our soundproof booth, we test your levels, and you can immediately start pouring your heart out! As an artist, your performance is hugely important in the outcome of your song. We encourage you to be yourself, be genuine, and put passion behind your lyrics. We enjoy all styles and never “judge” someone’s creative choices. We may make recommendations, but these are just suggestions from our years of experience engineering artists just like yourself. The truth is, we can make anyone sound amazing, and the RAW pre-production vocals that get recorded never sound all that impressive to start. So always put 100% into your song. 

First time to the studio? We think we have a great place to record for the first time. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your friendly engineer, and taken upstairs to our (small) but cozy live/work studio. Depending on the day, there may be 1 or 2 engineers working with you. From here, it is your time that you are paying for, and we are here to help efficiently create your vision the way you see fit. At the end of your session, the time will be rounded up to the nearest 15 min increment and we will collect your payment by cash/e-transfer, or even credit/debit card through a PayPal invoice. Your final master will be delivered by email a day later. Feel free to ask for tea or coffee. 

Our affordable rates are $50/hour, (min 1 hour) and then an additional flat rate of $50 if you want the track mixed and mastered. You don’t have to be present for the mixing and mastering process after your vocals are recorded. Most artists can get a whole song recorded within the hour, but you may want to take your time and spend more time on it. 

Our recording studio Vancouver is home based, which is why we can give you such great rates. It’s our opinion that even though we could have a commercial space, we bring more value to you if we can deliver the same result for a fraction of the price. After all, we expect that you will want to come back often to record new songs. To book a recording session in our recording studio Vancouver, fill out our contact form!

You can also text a request to (778) 628 1163 

What Makes a Good Recording Studio?

The fact of the matter is, 95% of the analog equipment in a recording studio is just for appearances. When you search for “recording studio Vancouver,” you may see mixing boards and consoles that extend across the whole room, stacks of fancy looking gear with flickering lights and dials, and more wires than you can count. You would think all of this contributes to your sound quality, but almost all of this equipment is available in digital form these days. In fact, in our sessions in studios like this, the only reason we touched the analog gear was to look cool. 

Here’s what is important, and in this order: 

1. Your Performance

The way your voice sounds, the tone, the power, the emotion, and pitch are without a doubt the most important factor in how your final recording sounds. 

2. The Room

Having a room designed to mitigate reverberations and reflections are the second most essential variable in your recording. At Cali Ghost Productions Recording Studio, we have a converted vocal booth. In the corners of this booth are hidden bass traps within our walls, and all other walls are completely covered in acoustic foam panels. 

3. The Microphone

At Cali Ghost Productions, we prefer to use a high quality condenser microphone that runs off phantom power. A RODE NT1 provides crystal clear recording with a lot of body and shimmer. 

4. D/A Converters

This is what turns your recording into a digital WAV form. At our Recording Studio Vancouver location, we use the newest generation of Scarlett Focusrite interfaces. One amazing feature of this 3rd gen piece of equipment is the ability to add “air” to recordings. This boosts frequencies above 14k hz, which “opens up” the sound of your vocals.