Music Videos

Stunning, Creative Music Videos

Cali Ghost Productions uses a Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4k video camera to capture stunning shots for your music video. Above is B.O.B.’s “The Elephant,” which was shot and edited on the same equipment Cali Ghost Productions uses. 

Music videos in Vancouver seem to be in high demand with few creators delivering a competitive product. We are all about quality at Cali Ghost Productions, and use top of the line film making equipment. We use Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects to bring your vision to life through the use of VFX. 

How to Get Started: 

We want you to have some ideas for your music video in mind. What kind of emotion do you want to evoke? What kind of location do you have in mind? What performance sets can you take advantage of already? We can help you take your video in our creative direction once we know how to satisfy your needs.