Music Promotion

Partnering with Bang for Buck Marketing

Cali Ghost Productions is partnered with Bang for Buck Marketing to bring a music promotion package meant for artists. 

This package consists of running Facebook & Instagram ads for your music video or visualizer, and YouTube ads as well. It’s a well known fact that to get fans and followers, you need to do 2 things: 

1. Consistently create and release amazing content 

2. Promote and reach new audiences 

The promotion package has a base rate management fee of $200, and the budget can be variable depending on what you funds have available. We recommend an additional $300 for to reach enough people. 


Our Proven Strategy

YouTube In-stream ads are amazing for artists like you, because they drive traffic directly to your music videos/visuals, guaranteeing exposure to your music. They are charged on a per impression (view) basis. If the person skips your ad, you won’t be charged. If they watch the whole ad, but don’t click, you still get a view on your video. If they click through, then you have successfully interested someone enough in your brand to potentially become a fan. One of our secrets for a successful campaign is to target people that have an interest in another famous artist that you resemble. This ensures that your marketing budget is not wasted on uninterested people.